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Welcome to the IRL Archive - the biggest collection of smoking fetish photos and movies anywhere.

I started In Real Life in 1999, because I wanted to shoot smoking photos and videos of the type of girls I like to see. I'm not particularly interested in glamour models posing with cigarettes - I'm much more interested in the "pretty girl next door" smoking with her normal style. So that's what I began shooting, and it's what I still shoot today.

From the start, I've made the full-length videos available for sale at In Real Life - and they're now also available at Smoking Flicks. But I created the IRL Archive because many people liked the same type of smoking photos and videos that I do - and they wanted to watch see a large collection of them online. And I've been updating the Archive every week, ever since.

A few years later, I decided to experiment with some of our models in more explicit photos and videos, and that's when IRL Exposed was born. It started with lingerie and nudity, and moved on to fully explicit material. But I still insist that all of our models are real-life smokers, smoking with real life style.

I know that some people like the "PG" approach of In Real Life and the IRL Archive - while others are more attracted to the explicit material of IRL Exposed. That's why I've kept them as two separate sites.

A few years ago, I re-energized IRL, with new models, new approaches and new settings. And in the past year, I've moved on even further, to what I call IRL Platinum: single camera, up-close-and-personal video shot in true HD.

We still have the most beautiful girls-next-door, all real life smokers - but I believe the video is better than ever - as good as any smoking video ever shot.

And due to all of your requests, I've added more interviews, and more extreme smoking (chaining, multiples) than I've ever shot before. Some of our new models are the most extreme smokers you'll ever see. Others are simply beautiful girls who smoke well.

So if you haven't checked out the IRL Archive in a while, please give it a try to see all of our new models, our new sets and our new approach - and if you haven't been a member before, I hope you'll take a look around. I think you'll like what you see.

I appreciate the support that the smoking fetish community has shown since the birth of IRL - that's why at both membership sites, the price goes down after your first month of membership, to reward members for their loyalty. And it's why I welcome your feedback (my email address is adam AT inreallife.net) - so that IRL can continue to grow well into our second decade.


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